Hand Free Valves

Giving you the best in hands free speech and breathing!

The latest addition to the Trachi-Naze family of products is the Trachi-Naze Hands Free Valve.

  • The Trachi-Naze Hands Free Valve removes the need to place finger or thumb over the stoma during speech – the valve diverts air automatically through
    the voice prosthesis into the throat.
  • Easily and fully adjustable – a wide range of sensitivity settings (diaphragm closure) to give you the best choice of comfort and convenience at all levels of activity.
  • When combined with the Trachi-Naze and Trachi- Naze Plus multi function filter cassettes it gives you the best in Hands Free speech and breathing!
  • Trachi-Naze is the only system clinically proven to increase oxygenation and therefore improve respiration.
  • Dedicated to the Trachi-Naze and Trachi-Naze Plus range of baseplates and stoma studs.
  • Can be used with all leading brands of


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