Trachi Naze Plus

The Trachi-Naze Plus range has been further enhanced by the introduction of the Trachi-Naze Plus Laryngectomy tube.

  • Designed to hold the Trachi-Naze Plus filter cassettes.
  • ✓  For those who require a tube to support the trachea (longer than stoma studs).
  • ✓  Easy to place the Trachi-Naze filter cassette and remove – (by bending the front lugs away from the cassette).
  • ✓  Produced from medical grade silicone.
  • ✓  Soft yet supportive for the stoma and the trachea.
  • ✓  Smooth rounded edges – for extra comfort and safety.
  • ✓  The Kapitex Laryngectomy tube can be fenestrated
    for voice prosthesis users, using the Kapitex fenestration punch, catalogue number TRACC 0017.
  • ✓  Comprehensive diameters and lengths available to give you the best choice.
  • ✓  Competitively priced.
  • ✓  Supplied individually wrapped, clean withtwill tape.
  • ✓  Autoclavable – single patient use product