Dedicated to effective therapy in speech and swallow

The Ora-Light® System aids the Speech Therapist/Pathologist to target and maximize rehabilitation outcomes of patients with oral motor deficits.

The Ora-Light® System of oral motor exercise tools is a major step forward for the Speech Language Therapist/Pathologist providing a set of practical tools for the successful treatment of patients with speech and swallow disorders.

Experienced Speech Therapists / Pathologists recognise the benefits of oral motor exercises in a wide variety of clinical applications. The use of Ora-Light tools would enhance therapy outcomes in the management of:
Articulation disorders
Oral Motor disorders
Oral Cancer resections
Laryngectomee rehabilitation
We recommend that for best results the complete System be used. This will provide a balanced programme of tongue and lip coordination exercises and motion. However, individual tools can be purchased. The Ora-Light System has been formulated after many years of clinical experience. For further information on the Clinical background to the Ora-Light System or for Clinical references click on the links below.


Ora-Light Key Benefits:
Aids the Speech Language Pathologist to target and maximize rehabilitation outcomes of patients with oral motor deficits.
Ora-Light exercise tools help to improve the strength and movement of specific lip, tongue and cheek musculature.
Specifically crafted from shatter-proof material to incorporate shape and tactile areas which encourage proper tongue, lip movements and contact.
Simple to use with a comprehensive suggested exercise protocol, highlighting the specific muscles exercised, and indicating the phonetic articulator placement for sound production.
Each tool is for Single Patient use.
Cost effective.


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